Melinda "Clover"

Friesian Dairy Cow

"Shy Clover" by Muchi Clover (formally Melinda, but tends to go by her second name) is my female alt, and as such she represents my feminine side to some extent. She also embodies my love of all things bovine (and, by extension, all things uddery). She's quiet, but unashamed. Voluptuous, but dainty. Harmless, but able to defend herself.

She's not without her kinks either; while they are largely interchangeable with Cyrin's, she is more likely to stumble into situations involving lactation, milking, weight gain and, curiously, plushification.

Importantly, Clover is not a female version of Cyrin, she's not Cyrin if he transformed into a cow, and she has a life of her own. She might sometimes be seen with Cyrin, but they don't follow each other around and I wouldn't say that they share much more than a quiet acknowledgement that they have something in common.

Some important details about Clover:
  • She's based on the Friesian breed of dairy cow.
  • She stands at around 6ft tall. For a digitigrade character, this makes her slightly below-average in height.
  • She has a small set of horns. Yes, females of many breeds of cattle have horns. Some farmers surgically remove them, which seems rather cruel.
  • She has both anterior and posterior mammaries (i.e. breasts and udders), however her 'breasts' are non-functional and are simply there to add to her figure.
  • Her hands are three-fingered, opposable hooves; while her feet are ordinary digitigrade hind hooves.
  • The spot over her left eye is perhaps her most distinguishing feature.