G&G Palomino

Possibly the first custom inflatable animal made available within the inflatables community, the Palomino still stands up well against the toys that have come since.

While it may not be as strong, tactile or as easy to inflate as other custom toys, it's still impressive to look at, and more than easy to snuggle :)

Mine was kept in storage for a long time and sold by Chunksta on eBay; it shows only small signs of long-term storage (valve imprint on reverse side, a few tiny spots of mildew) and has had its main body valve two-wayed, but is otherwise in factory condition.

Jet Creations
Obtained from
G&G (via eBay)
7 air chambers (mane, tail, legs and body), small and medium-sized valves, pinch seams. 6ft tall.
Vinyl type
Medium gauge, gummy textured orange with brown and white ink.
bought new , own , specially produced , G&G , horse
Air retention
Stability in water
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6 Aug 2012 8:53pm
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