IW Gryphon

Another custom-designed toy produced in low-to-medium quantities by InflatableWorld. I believe that this design was developed by Rovanoak.

Given the price point of the toy (83 EUR, ex-VAT), the build quality is lower than that of other custom inflatables, but still pretty solid. The use of thinner vinyl does, however, make the toy rather more fragile. One can sit on its back quite happily, though, so it's really not too bad at all.

The combination of thin vinyl and a high volume to surface area ratio means that it is more sensitive to changes in air temperature, so i've found myself having to top up the air every day or two.

Overall, though, it's a great-looking toy with some nice detailing and a really impressive size. Most of all, it's extremely affordable and therefore very accessible to collectors and hobbyists alike.

Obtained from
6 air chambers (#3 for body, #1 for tail, wing arms and wing feathers), pinched seams, 3.6m long.
Vinyl type
Medium gauge, soft matte brown with white, blue, yellow, black and light brown inks.
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Air retention
Stability in water
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23 Feb 2014 6:18pm
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