Cyrin (non-squeaky)

Common Dolphin

"Self Portrait" by Cyrin Although I live out the bulk of my furry existence as an inflatable toy, I do have a regular, fleshy, anthro dolphin side as well.

So, some noteworthy details about non-squeaky Cyrin:
  • His colours and patterns are slightly more plausible for a flesh-and-blood creature, and more closely resemble those of his species, the Common Dolphin (delphinus delphis)
  • While he retains the two-toed feet of his inflatable form, he has a more practical hand design, with 3 webbed digits and an opposable thumb.
  • Unconstrained by the limitations of toy design and cost of manufacturing, he has a more natural body shape with more noticeably cetacean traits.
  • He stands at a rather humble 6ft/180cm tall, which is small for a bottlenose dolphin and about average for a common dolphin.
In this form, Cyrin is semi-aquatic, spending roughly half of his time in water (be it the ocean or his own private salt-water pool). His skin is not as prone to drying out as a feral dolphin's, but he becomes uncomfortable after about 12 hours without getting wet. True to his species, he does not have a sense of smell, however his sense of taste is more highly-developed than that of most cetaceans. On land, he can talk using his blowhole, soft palate and tongue (although his voice is quite squeaky) - and underwater, he communicates using sonar/echolocation. He weighs enough to be neutrally buoyant in the water but, thanks to strong muscles, he is not uncomfortable on land.