Milka Cow

Cows are so hard to find, and aside from cheap novelties, this is the best-known example out there. Someone managed to get ahold of a large number of these limited-production promotional inflatables and now they're spread amongst collectors.

The quality is not great, but they're big and obviously built for longevity. As a hanging inflatable, they don't need to look good up close. The main let-downs from a collector's point of view are the stiff vinyl, weak tail-seam, pointy teats and the bell, which destroys some of its cuteness. Air retention is quite poor on my cow, but I suspect it's been on display during its lifetime.

Interestingly, each pair of legs meets at the middle in a V-shaped join which is structurally solid, but makes the legs difficult to separate or fold down.

Obtained from
Given as a gift (as new)
Single air chamber, large valve, reinforced string attachment points
Vinyl type
Medium gauge, less-flexible matte white
cow , bought new , own , needs repairs
Air retention
Stability in water
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31 Dec 2008 3:29pm
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2 Jan 2009 4:23am