Clark Rubber Shark

I really love this shark, it's easily one of my absolute favourites. It's a great size, good looking, holds a lot of air for its size and two sets of fins placed ideally for riding. (Incidentally, the front fins are enormous, even bigger than the Intex orca's!)

Unfortunately, since the base is so rounded, it's quite unstable in the water - mainly because you're made to sit so high up.
I especially like the vinyl on this one - even though it's not gloss vinyl, it's very smooth and the addition of just a tiny amount of water makes it very slippery.

Finally: I have seen this toy in other people's collections with a different branding - I suspect it's one of a series of inflatables that are on-sold by importers or pool shops (as is the case here in Australia).

Obtained from
Clark Rubber (Perth, Australia)
Single air chamber, large wide valve, long extruded seams, thin solid handles
Vinyl type
Thick gauge, smooth matte white with high-coverage gloss ink
shark , bought new , own , personal favourites
Air retention
Stability in water
Overall score:
31 Dec 2008 3:17pm
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3 Jan 2014 11:25pm