Puffypaws Husky - "Latté"

PuffyPaws Toys is a partnership between inflatable-loving furries on either side of the Atlantic Ocean, whose goal is to design and coordinate the manufacture of fairly-priced, high-quality inflatable toys (with specific appeal to furries who also like inflates).

This husky is their first creation, and it stands as proof of their ethos; this toy has been designed to be attractive, robust, tactile and the perfect size to be widely enjoyed. Although offered only as a limited production run, available to a select group of furs (as well as via later eBay auctions), this toy well-and-truly spreads the message that indulging one's hobbies needn't be a stressful, unpleasant or excessively pricey experience.

The obvious attention to detail is evidenced by the inclusion of paw-pads on the underside of the feet, subtle branding around the valve on the back right leg, lapped seams and unobtrusive valve placement. Care has been taken with the design to avoid extreme negative curves, making it quite possible to ride the husky without fear of doing damage.

Finally, it's CUTE! Amazingly so, in fact. Credit goes to the furry artist who was drafted in to help with this project.

I have named my husky "Latté".

Jetsonic Creations
Obtained from
PuffyPaws Toys
6ft tall, 5 air chambers (legs and body, one jumbo valve, 4 large valves), lapped seams, printed paw-pads.
Vinyl type
Thick gauge, matte white with screen-printed shiny grey ink.
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Air retention
Stability in water
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28 Sep 2009 1:19am
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